Wade Hatton

This is a peppy little tune that reflects my less than illustrious musical career. We have fun with this one. Everybody Sing!


Wade Hatton

The first part of Barely Survive/ Broken Solitude is written about a couple of friends, Jerry Dean and Bob Hood that put their canoe in the Clear Fork of the Brazos River up around Ft. Phantom Hill. They spent a month on the river, went a little over 250 miles, and came out at the start of Possum Kingdom Lake. Why? Because no one else had ever done it.

Before Jerry and Bob left on their excursion they went and talked to (interviewed) John Graves the author of Goodbye to a River. Well, to make a long story short, Jerry, I and our wives for a number of years had spent a week every December fishing the Mountain Fork River. It's very primitive and beautiful.

Of course out camping like that stories are told around the camp fire. Jerry told me stories of his grandfather, Charlie Columbus Day. So between Mr. Graves' Goodbye to a River, camping in the Kiamichi Mountains, and stories about Charlie, sprang the other half, Broken Solitude.

Wade Hatton

This one came from an article written about Hank Williams by Geoff Boucher, published in the Smithsonian Magazine on the 50th anniversary of his death.

"NEW YEAR'S EVE, 1952. The Cadillac and its hired driver were waiting in the frosty Tennessee night when the hotel porters guided an ailing country singer into the backseat. He was on his way to yet another show in another state, but he was in ragged shape, battered by the bottle and sedatives and heartache. He was painfully skinny, and his angular face looked far older than his 29 years. It was about 10:45 p.m. when they closed the sedan door in Knoxville. When they opened it the next morning in Oak Hill, West Virginia, the year was 1953 and the greatest country singer of them all was blue and cold, his spirit long gone on the dark highway."
Wade Hatton

This was given to me by my buddy and great songwriter, Brett Watts. He said he had this line he hadn't been able to do anything with. I kicked it around and came up with this.

Wade Hatton

This song came to me when a woman pulled up beside me in a big SUV. Her window was down and the sun was shooting a laser beam out of her big 'ol diamond ring, right in my eye.

Wade Hatton

This very special song is written for my lovely wife. She's the only reason some people let me associate with them.

Wade Hatton

This is my most philosophical work probing that age old question: "What if whiskey is the answer?"

Wade Hatton

This one is for those of us who are occasionally over-served and want to hear some "heart break".

Wade Hatton

This is a tribute to the man that did "as much for our kinda music as anyone."


We are a Texas Country Band. Our song list include standards by Hank ,George, Merle, Johnny……you get the picture. Mixed in with our own originals we perform songs written by well known Texas artists like Radney Foster, Robert Earl Keene, Pat Green, and then probably some more Radney. (I told you about Robin) We also play some Regionally well known artists such as Houston Marchman, Mike Blakely, Thomas Michael Riley, Tommy Alverson, Bodie Powell, Jon Christopher Davis, Bryan David Smith, Brett Watts and a few others we've met along the way.

Our sound system: We're powered by BOSE. From 10-2000 people can hear as clear as a bell. No feedback and no distortion unless we put it there.

A Million Miles from Nashville, our first CD is " just us". No session players, recorded live in the studio. It leans a little Honky-Tonk. We hope you enjoy the dancin'
Personal Gratitudes ___________________________________________________

There are so many fine folks to thank for encouraging me to record my tunes and get 'em out there. Blame it on Brett Watts, one of Ft. Worth's favorite Cowboy Singer/Songwriters and Poet. He called me to play at his Songwriters in the Round, introducing me back to the kind of country music I thought was long gone. Ya' know, Texas Honky-Tonk Music. He also introduced Glenda and I to Bodie and Donna Powell. They have become great friends and have done a lot to help our little band. Bodie is the founder of The Texas Music Nation, a great non-profit group that helps Texas musicians in time of need. We've been fortunate not being victimized by theft, but they have helped several folks that needed equipment or money for medical needs. Keep up the good work y'all.

There are a lot of other good folks associated with Texas Music and The Texas Music Nation. Some are members, some are not. Some are musicians, some just love and support the music. So to take a page from Bodie, I'd like to thank….. My wife and drummer Glenda, my sons David and Cole, my mother Mary Helen and step-dad Harold, my brother Ray, my sister Kevyn and her husband Mark, my baby sister Sheli and her husband Bryan, and all their families….The rest of my band…Bill who started the band when he asked me if I needed a bass player, Chris who floored me when he asked if he could play in the band, and Robin who is my human metronome and teleprompter, who knows the words to every song written except mine…We're more than a band, we're a tribe…My friends who are family to me…Deb & Jerry Dean, Robin & Sandra Crow, Ronnie & Linda Walley, John & Cissy, Nedra, Karen, Denise, Clair (who came out to see us when no one else did), Dee Palmer (who let us play at Buster's so Clair had a place to come see us), Joy, Joy, Brenda, and Debbie, John Nash Jim Bob & Cathy, Guy & Sarah Lee, Don & Diane, Bob & Sue, J.B., Leo, Tina, John Dosher, Mike & Christina, Tim Shirley, Casey Thompson, Jim & Beth, Ray & Dani, Mavis, Jim Ezzell, Sharon and Mel Neff, Tom, Dale, and all the fine folks we've met through CASI, Jessie & Peggy, Cyrus & Gina V, Bill & Bernice, Mario, and all the folks that come out to listen and dance to our music, and the club owners that book us.

I'm sure I've forgotten to thank everyone but I never forget to thank God for His many blessings…with His help, we'll see ya' down the road.
2007 Texas Music Awards Live Band of the Year!

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