Wade Hatton
Arlington, Texas

I started writing country songs shortly after becoming involved with competitive bass fishing. Country Covers by Merle, Hank, George and others was all the music I knew. But, I wrote a tune used as the theme song for a bass fishing show filmed here in Texas. (The only weekly television show devoted to Texas lakes and Texas bass.) Twenty-somethin' bass fishin' songs followed.

Some of my bass fishin' buddies and competitors said I was a pretty good songwriter. My music friends thought "Well, he must be a pretty good bass fisherman." Once they got together, the jig was up!

Over the last few years I've written some tunes with a little more traditional country subject matter. Something I haven't been comfortable with in the past. Maybe all that shallow water fishin' has taught me "not to scratch too deep".
Glenda Hatton
Arlington, Texas

One of the prettiest drummers in Texas, Glenda has only played a few years but she really beat the learning curve. Her background in dance, that fancy ballroom kind, gave her rhythm and the fact she is a personal fitness trainer gave her stamina to practice, practice, practice. She took lessons twice a week then practiced some more.

This last year she'd played several venues with our band but the highlight for her was playing with Bodie Powell and the Border Line Band at the Luckenbach Dance Hall. Of course our band also did a set. She was asked to play with The Border Line Band in Terlingua and our band opened at the CASI International Chili Championships. Glenda's come a long way in a short time. She did an outstanding job on our new CD and handles most of our bookings.
Bill Lester
Garland, Texas

Owner of Guitar ReRanch, if you called Fender and asked them about the finish on your guitar, they'd tell ya' to call Bill. He's also on a first name basis with the folks at Gibson.

Born 50 miles from the Cross-Roads, Bill grew up in Memphis playing guitar. He played with Howlin' Wolf at age 14, recorded at Memphis Recording Service (Sun Records) at 15, and was a session player for Bill Black's studio at 16. Bill was also a pick-up player with a lot of touring bands in the Memphis area like The Famous Flames and Charlie Rich. "That's just what ya' did as a kid in Memphis. At least that's what I thought."

Bill went off to college. He graduated with a double degree from Tennessee on his way to Texas. A guy that is always glad to meet ya'. We're glad, and fortunate, he's thumpin' his electric stand-up in our "Texas Outlaw Band".
Chris Campbell
Fort Worth, Texas

"I'm blessed! I know God loves me. Why? 'Cause I was born in Ft. Worth, Texas."

Chris has played with everyone from Dusty Hill and Frank Beard, Tommy Nash "a Texas guitar wizard", Stevie Vaughn, before he was Stevie Ray, all the Stratoblasters, Mark Pollock, Bugs Henderson. Well, trust me. If I went on it would sound like braggin'. He's not that way at all. Chris is one of the most pleasant people I've ever been around. Funny!

A good Christian and great guitarist, when it comes to music he's like a sponge. He soaks it upů.Then rings it out. I know he slips over to Dallas every week or so to sit in with Hash Brown. It's an old hankerin' he gets to play that East of the Trinity River Texas Music some folks call the Blues. But, the week before we recorded I piled him up with a bunch of Waylon and Merle. Man! This guy knows how to ring out a sponge!

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